Ethics Committee


It is the Society of Forensic Toxicologists, Inc.'s (SOFT) goal to have all complaints of an ethical nature resolved in a timely manner. The duties of the Ethics Committee shall be to investigate complaints brought against SOFT members and to report such activities to the Board of Directors. Chapter II, Section 3.C of the SOFT Bylaws sets forth the responsibilities of the Ethics Committee related to Termination of Membership. Chapter V, Sections 3 A&B set forth the composition and duties of the Ethics Committee. As required in Chapter V, Section 3.B, the operating procedures of the Ethics Committee herein contained shall be approved by the Board of Directors. Warrants to ethical conduct and understanding of possible consequences related to substantiated unethical conduct are collected from Applicants for membership using the SOFT application form and annually from current members.

Current Members

  • Madeline Montgomery, Chair
  • Michele Crosby
  • Justin Poklis
  • Amy Cadwallader