SOFT 2024 workshops are offered on Monday, October 28 and Tuesday, October 29 from 8:00 am - 5:30 pm. The program will focus on half day workshops with some offered in two parts (parts I &II).  

Submit a Workshop Proposal for SOFT 2024 Here!

 Proposals are due by April 12

Message from the 2024 workshop coordinators

As workshop coordinators, we are calling on our colleagues to submit workshop proposals for the 2024 SOFT Annual Meeting in St. Louis, Missouri.  We seek to offer a broad spectrum of workshops – from beginner to advanced, traditional to novel, analytical to interpretive, and all things in between. The most productive workshops often branch from individuals who want to learn more about a particular topic or share emerging research and success stories about new advancements in forensic toxicology. Following the success of last year’s format, we encourage workshop submissions to be half-day or full-day divided into two parts (e.g., morning Part I and afternoon Part II). 

In the survey to provide feedback following the 2023 SOFT meeting in Denver, attendees indicated the most interest in the following general topics:

  • Interpretation
  • Drug Impaired Driving
  • Pharmacology
  • Novel Psychoactive Substances
  • Postmortem Toxicology Challenges
  • Analytical Considerations
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • OSAC
  • ASB Standards
  • Method Development/Validation
  • Uncertainty of Measurement

Any workshop ideas, including novel areas associated with forensic toxicology areas, are welcome!  We look forward to a diverse program with many options for all our attendees.

Workshops have always been one of our favorite meeting components, so please help us begin SOFT 2024 with a great series of workshops to develop and advance expertise, expand peer networks, and broaden knowledge and skillsets. Advance notice about possible workshop proposals helps us with the planning process, so please notify the workshop coordinators if you plan on submitting a proposal or have any questions about the submission process.

Final workshop proposals are due by Friday April 12, 2024!

See you in St. Louis!

- Alex & Vanessa

Workshop Program Deadlines
  • Call for Workshops: February 12
  • Workshop Submissions Due: April 12
  • Workshop Presentations & Handouts Due to Coordinators: September 27
  • Workshop Handouts Provided to Registrants: Monday, October 16

Workshop Rates

Rates for the workshop program will be posted by June 2024. SOFT members receive discounted rates for workshops: 

  • Early Bird Rates: Begins June 26
  • Late Rates: Begins September 12
  • Onsite Rates: Begins October 10

Contact the Coordinators

 Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments: HERE