The SOFT Professional Mentoring Program was launched in January 2020, and provides members with the opportunity to serve as mentors, mentees, or both to other SOFT members through participation in a guided one-year program. 

The committee is tasked to be the bridge between mentors and mentees in a professional setting and to provide support to these pairs through a formalized mentoring program. Through the creation and cultivation of these relationships, the organization will prosper with highly motivated and developed professionals.

The goals of the Professional Mentoring Program are to:

  1. Develop and nurture future leaders of the organization;
  2. Provide a forum for one-on-one career advice; and
  3. Provide a forum for mutually beneficial knowledge transfer for the purpose of supporting and advancing the organization and the forensic toxicology practice.

SOFT 2024 Professional Mentoring Program

Registration for the 2024 Professional Mentoring Program is now closed. Registration for the 2025 Professional Mentoring Program will open in November 15, 2024. SOFT membership is a requirement for participation, SOFT Membership Information

Mentoring Resources