SOFT/AAFS Oral Fluid Committee


The Oral Fluid Committee provides scientific information and resources regarding the utility of oral fluid drug testing for forensic and clinical toxicologists, law enforcement, prosecutors, defense attorneys and the general public. Information may also be provided to regulatory agencies and professional bodies.

Oral Fluid Literature

Current Members

  • Curt Harper, Chair
  • Mandi Mohr, Vice Chair
  • Sarah Bartock
  • Nathalie Desrosiers
  • Amanda D'Orazio
  • Madeleine Swortwood
  • Cindy Coulter
  • Carrie Hodges
  • Bridget Lemberg
  • Christine Moore
  • Suman Rana
  • Greg Sarris
  • Karl Scheidweiler
  • Kristin Tidwell
  • Ruth Winecker