Postmortem Toxicology Committee


The purpose of the SOFT Postmortem Toxicology Committee is to serve as a resource for medicolegal professionals and to promote collaboration, research, and communication between forensic toxicologists, forensic pathologists and medical examiners/coroners, medicolegal death investigators, and law enforcement to assist in the determination of cause and manner of death.

The committee provides and maintains a library of literature references and resources for the interpretation of postmortem toxicological results, postmortem redistribution, and analytical methodologies that support published ASB standards that are related to postmortem forensic toxicology, as well as serves as a resource for the promotion of how laboratories can achieve meeting such guidelines, standards, and accreditation requirements.

The committee promotes interdisciplinary research between forensic toxicologists and forensic pathologists through workshops, trainings, and continuing education events, focusing on the applicable research areas of the OSAC Research and Development Needs topics of Medicolegal Death Investigations and Toxicology. The committee also promotes an expanded comprehensive scope of testing to encompass the ever-changing drug market and an overall increase in drug testing.

Current Members

  • Joe Kahl, Chair
  • Samantha Tolliver, Vice Chair
  • Luigino Apollonio
  • Daniel Baker
  • Courtney Castellino
  • Veronica Hargrove
  • Theresa Hippolyte
  • Jason Hudson
  • Graham Jones
  • Luke Rodda
  • Kevin Shanks
  • Erin Worrell, Liaison
  • Jan Gorniak, Liaison